Aquafy Water Tracker Reminder App Reviews

Aquafy Water Tracker Reminder

Detailed Points On Aquafy Water Tracker Reminder App Reviews

Aquafy is a water tracker app with reminders. Its goal is to help you stay hydrated, which is important in the summertime. The UI looks pretty nice, and the app is easy to use. You can have the app send you reminders based on your current hydration status and there are widgets to make things even easier. There are several other smaller customizations. It works pretty well. Luckily, it’s not terribly expensive as well.

Water Intake Tracker and Reminder is a simple health and fitness app that helps you keep a track of your daily water intake and reminds you to drink water after specified intervals. This way, you not only drink water according to your daily need but also it keeps your body fit and drinking adequate water helps in controlling and losing weight. In short, The Water Intake Reminder & Tracker reminds you to drink water and keeps you hydrated.

Why Use Water Intake Tracker & Alarm?:

– Will alert you to drink water, even if you forget

– Drink Water Reminders and Alarm Throughout the day

– No Alarms during the Sleep Time

– Improves your water drinking habit

– Saves your daily water consumption separately that you can view whenever you need to

– Automatically determines your daily water consumption

– Stay Hydration keeps your skin health and helps you lose weight

Water Intake Tracker & Reminder – Key Features.

Below are the Simple key features Water Intake Reminder app:

1- Reminder – Water Tracker reminds you to how much water you need to drink and reminds you throughout the day

2- Water Need According to Weight – Determines how much water you should drink daily according to your weight (determines using Bod mass index BMI)

3- Set Water Target – Allows you to enter specific amount of water as Target

4- Records of Daily Water Intake – The Water Intake Tracker records your daily water intake and saves it as a history so you can measure and keep a record of your water drinking improvement

5- Customized Glass or Bottle – You can customize your bottle or glass size from settings

6- Alarm/Reminder Settings- In order to avoid alarm during sleep times, you can set the alarm and reminder settings according to your convenience.

7- Set Time Interval – You can set interval to receive “it’s time to drink water” notification after fixed interval of time.

8- Notification & Sounds – You can turn off the notifications and sounds as per your choice.

How to Use Water Intake Tracker & Reminder

After installation of application, you will be prompted to set preferences in settings i.e.

1 – Add your weight

2 – Water Amount – The app will automatically detect your water consumption but if you want more, you can edit it

3 – Add Bottle of Glass Size in which you drink water

4 – Edit your Water Alarm Clock and set the initial and final time during which you want to receive drink water alarms

5 – Set the interval

6 – Now you will receive water drink reminders after the interval and tap on it. Drink Water and Click “Add +” button and add water according to your container size.

Does iPhone have a water reminder?

The water tracking options are included underneath the Nutrition tab in the Health Categories. Although the app doesn’t allow you to set auto-reminders to help send you to your nearest hydration station, it does allow for personally inputted water data.

Is Water Reminder App Free?

It uses your personal health information to determine how much water you should be drinking each day and then tracks how well you keep up with that goal using captivating graphics and animations. The app also sends reminders if you forget to stay on schedule.

Howmuch Does Water Reminder App Cost?

Waterminder is a $5 app available on iPhone and Android that lets you track your daily water intake, reminds you to drink water through custom notifications, and allows you to check your progress as time goes on.
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