Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra A-Z review

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an important phone. It’s Samsung’s flagship and its best smartphone in a conventional form factor. It arrives early each year and its sets the standard against which the entire Samsung device range, and most of the smartphone market, is judged.   Traditionally, this is the phone with Samsung’s best … Read more

What’s new on WhatsApp beta for Android

what’s new on WhatsApp beta for Android WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to What’s new in this update? This is an important bug fix update that addresses some critical issues with the conversation tone and downloading media.   After announcing that … Read more

WhatsApp planned to make the Ability of creating poll for everyone

WhatsApp is planning to make the Ability of creating poll for everyone After announcing that WhatsApp was rolling out the ability to create polls on WhatsApp beta for Windows, WhatsApp is now releasing this feature to everyone on the latest WhatsApp Desktop update! Common questions Answers Name of the feature? Polls Status? Rolling out Compatibility? … Read more

See the Latest Abuja Tea Vendo who accept Crypto currency as payment his name is (Mai shayi)

Meet The Abuja Tea Vendo (Mai Shayi) Who Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment In such a time like this where the crypto market has been experiencing some down time, a Nigerian tea vendo in Abuja is accepting cryptocurrency as payment system. According to a report from Daily Trust, Rabiu, and Yomiprof, the Nigerien tea vendor, owns … Read more