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Ababanna biography

Umoh Agbso Obinna otherwise known as Agbso “Ababanna” from Awaka, Imo State, Nigeria, born May 5th1977. He is the last child out of 5 children and his father has passed but his mother is alive and well. Ababanna went to school at Holy Ghost College, in Owerri, Imo State and he studied Political Science at the University of Calabar . Since the age of 7, Ababanna was already composing lyrics for his songs.

When asked about his music, Ababanna says it’s “a natural phenomenon” that he doesn’t even write his lyrics, it usually flows to the top his brain. In May of 2007, Ababanna released his first album called “Agbso” with the track “Onye Ababana” and “Egoakola”. In 2010 he released his second album “Abanna 2” and is now currently working on his 3rd album soon to be released called Ababanna 3.


Ever since becoming a star in the music industry, Ababanna has traveled to countries such as, South Africa, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. But besides music, Ababanna is into music and movie production. He is also well known wedding and event planner. Ababanna is single and currently living in his village in Awaka.



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