[Biography] Chief Dr. Ozor ( Age, career, family, lifetime, etc.)

Chief Dr. Ozor is from Mgbakwu Abo in Igbo land. He is the lead of Odibendi Band of Africa, Egwu Ekpili group. He started music at the age of 10, his music came to light in 2010 that was the year he started recording and since then today’s music has been everything.

Ozor Nwa Mgbakwu Abo

Chief Dr Ozor Nwa Mgbakwu Abo

Stage name  Ozor Nwa Mgbakwu Abo
Genres  Egwu Ekpili 
Occupation(s)  Musician
Years active  22 years
Labels  Morgan Entertainment 
Associated acts  Akpamma Studios


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