[Biography] Mike Ejeagha (Age, Career, family, lifetime etc)

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Mike Ejeagha biography Mike Ejeagha biography Age,career,family, Lifetime etc.

Mike Ejeagha (born August, 1932) is a Nigerian folklorist, songwriter, and musician from Enugu State, Nigeria, Mike Ejeagha started his career in music in the mid-20th century. Also known as Gentlemen, Mike has been influential in the evolution of music in the Igbo language for over 6 decades. His first hit was in 1960 – the year of Nigeria’s independence.


Mike Ejeagha is a distinct story-teller accompanied by guitar style and his lyrics are laced with proverbs; lending his music a didactic style. He writes his own music and his lyrics are in Igbo language. Mike Ejeagha said in 2004: “Life at old age is quite enjoyable, especially when the Almighty God gives you good health”.


Ejeagha has contributed over three hundred recordings to the National Archives of Nigeria produced during his field work to investigate Igbo folklore highlife music.

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