[Biography] Zulu adigwe (Age, Career, family, lifetime, etc)

Zulu adigwe biography

Zulu Adigwe is a renowned Nigerian movie actor, television personality, entrepreneur, entertainer, and writer.

Zulu Adigwe Early Life

The renowned Nigerian movie actor Zulu Adigwe was born to the beautiful family of Mr. and Mrs. Adigwe.


Born and raised in Enugu, Enugu State Nigeria, Zulu spent part of his childhood days there before moving to Austria for his studies.


Although he is a native of Enugu State; a State in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, he had both his primary, high school and university education in Austria.


At the prestigious University of Austria, Zulu studied and bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.


Upon return to Nigeria, he enrolled in a course at the prestigious University of Ibadan, where he studied and bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts.


Early Career

Zulu Adigwe did reveal in an interview he started acting at the age of seven. That was in 1988.


His first movie was a television series where he played the “Douglas,” a lead he later revealed he did not like.


In 2004, he featured in “Living Abroad,” a movie which later became a Nollywood blockbuster movie. Emeka Enyiocha, Ernest Asuzu, and Anne Njemanze were featured in the movie as well.


Adding to his ever-changing timeline, Zulu featured in Living in Bondage: Breaking Free in 2019, where he played the role of Pascal Nworie.


Is Zulu Adigwe Married?

Yes, kindly, he is married to Mrs. Blessing Adigwe. They got married in 1982 and are blessed with grown-up children who are doing well in their respective careers.



Since his first role, Zulu Adigwe has featured in over 150 movies. These among others include;


° 45 Minutes

° My Only Love

° Gods of Liberation 1 & 2

° After Dawn 1 & 2

° Divided Heart 1 & 2

° My Promise 1 & 2

° Bigger Boys 1 & 2

° Blood Diamonds 1 & 2

° Face of a Liar 1 & 2

° Issakaba

° Issakaba 2

° Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

° The Kingmaker

° Endtime 1 & 2

° Last Ofalla

° City of Kings 1 & 2

° The Grandmasters 1 & 2

° The Kingmaker°

° Unforgettable 1 & 2

° Top Secret

° Living Abroad



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