Samsung Has Proceeded On production of NAND at P3 fab

DRAM and foundry lines giving Live Later. Samsung on Wednesday started mass production of NAND flash chips at its P3 line at its Pyeongtaek facility. P3 is the company’s largest semiconductor production facility to date and started construction back in late 2020. The fab is designed to manufacture NAND flash, DRAM and logic chips for … Read more

AP Systems has planned to enlarge More fab equipment revenue

Company has made 100 billion in sales after targeting Production equipment maker AP Systems is aiming to manufacture more fab equipment next year to reach 100 billion won in revenue from the business. The company, which had specialized more in display equipment in the past, is aiming to have the fab equipment business account for … Read more

Samsung Has every Plan of using Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in most of Galaxy S23

Using Exynos on mid-tier smartphones Samsung will use mostly Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 application processors (AP) on its upcoming Galaxy S23 series smartphones, TheElec has learned. Sources said the tech giant’s own Exynos platform will likely power mid-tier smartphones instead of flagships. Samsung had attempted to expand the market share of its Exynos platform … Read more

See the Latest Abuja Tea Vendo who accept Crypto currency as payment his name is (Mai shayi)

Meet The Abuja Tea Vendo (Mai Shayi) Who Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment In such a time like this where the crypto market has been experiencing some down time, a Nigerian tea vendo in Abuja is accepting cryptocurrency as payment system. According to a report from Daily Trust, Rabiu, and Yomiprof, the Nigerien tea vendor, owns … Read more