Samsung Has planned to make use of JDM for close to 60 million smartphones in 2023

10 million units higher than 2022 is the Target.   Samsung is planning to manufacture 59.86 units of smartphones using joint development manufacturers (JDM) next year, TheElec has learned. The company shared this plan with its suppliers in its recent meeting with them where it laid out its annual plan for 2023. Samsung currently uses … Read more

LG Energy Solution has finally stopped the development of prismatic batteries

  low business feasibility is the Cause LG Energy Solution has recently canceled the development of prismatic batteries, TheElec has learned. Earlier this year, the company started a review of the product on whether it will be viable but recently concluded that it was not feasible business-wise. Prismatic batteries put in the materials in cans … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra A-Z review

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an important phone. It’s Samsung’s flagship and its best smartphone in a conventional form factor. It arrives early each year and its sets the standard against which the entire Samsung device range, and most of the smartphone market, is judged.   Traditionally, this is the phone with Samsung’s best … Read more