Dede One Day biography

Dede One Day Biography



Dede One Day (born Peter Onwuzurike Onyehidelam; died 14 December 2015) was a Nigerian standup comedian and comic actor.



Dede One Day was a native of Umuagwuru Mbieri in Imo State but was born and raised in Aba, a town in Abia State, Nigeria. His career hit the spotlight upon the subsequent release of his Laugh With Me comedy series.

Dede One Day died in the early hours of 14 December 2015 after he slumped while performing at an event in Aba, following complications of hypertension.



Below are some of his films


  • Keke Soldiers
  • Iron Pant

Mortuary attendant

  • Corporate Beggars
  • My Class Mate
  • Professional Beggars
  • Village Musicians
  • Senior Officer
  • Joseph Oro Nro
  • Village lawyer
  • Shoe shine