LG Energy Solution has finally stopped the development of prismatic batteries

Energy solution (LG)
Energy solution (LG)


low business feasibility is the Cause

LG Energy Solution has recently canceled the development of prismatic batteries, TheElec has learned.

Earlier this year, the company started a review of the product on whether it will be viable but recently concluded that it was not feasible business-wise.

Prismatic batteries put in the materials in cans and are effectively an alternative version to cylinder batteries.

Samsung SDI and Chinese batteries makers like CATL and BYD make the type.

Northvolt Toshiba, Morrow Batteries, Verkor, Britishvolt and Automotive Cell Company also manufacture prismatic batteries.

Meanwhile, LG Energy Solution focuses on manufacturing pouch batteries. It does make cylinder batteries as well as but the majority of its batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems are pouch batteries.

It started the development of prismatic batteries to potentially add variety to its portfolio while also absorbing the advantages of the technology.

Sources said the company concluded that there wasn’t an advantage in procuring components and equipment to making prismatic batteries more convenient than other types.

LG Energy Solution was in a position to focus on scaling its production capacity, they added, so ease of expanding capacity for a certain battery type was more important than technology.

Pouch batteries use pouch films instead of cans to contain materials. This makes it easier for manufacturers to increase energy density but they also needed to remove the gas that is formed inside during production.

LG Energy Solution is focusing on making its manufacturing process more advanced, adapting new ways to stack the battery materials such as advanced z-stacking.

The method prevents separators from falling off by adding more lamination rollers during production.


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