Mike Ejeagha – Onye Ndidi N’Eli Azo Okpor

By: Admin / September 17th, 2022 / Highlife Music

Mike Ejeagha Onye Ndidi N' Eli Azo Okpo

Mike Ejeagha Onye Ndidi N’ eli Azo Okpo Audio Mp3 Download


<strong>Download Mike Ejeagha –Onye Ndidi N’ eli Azo Okpo;</strong> <strong>Nigeria</strong> folklorist, <a href=”https://highlife360.com/?s=Mike+Ejeagha+&amp;submit_button=Search”>songwriter</a> and musician from <strong>Enugu</strong> State, Nigeria, <strong>Mike Ejeagha</strong> dropped another sounding <a href=”http://Highlife360.com”>track </a> titled <b>Onye Ndidi N’ Eli Azo Okpo</b>


His career in <a href=”https://highlife360.com/?s=Mike+Ejeagha+&amp;submit_button=Search”>music</a> the mid-20th century. Also known as Gentlemen, Mike has been influential in the evolution of <a href=”http://Highlife360.com”>music</a> in the <strong>Igbo language</strong> for over 6 decades. His first hit was in 1960 – the year of Nigeria’s independence.

<p style=”text-align: left;”><strong>Mike Ejeagha</strong> is a distinct story-teller accompanied by guitar style and his lyrics are laced with proverbs; lending his music a didactic style. He writes his own music and his lyrics are in Igbo language. Mike Ejeagha said in 2004: “Life at old age is quite enjoyable, especially when the Almighty God gives you good health.

<a href=”https://highlife360.com/?s=Mike+Ejeagha+&amp;submit_button=Search”>Download</a> and listen below 👇</p>

Download Mike Ejeagha Onye Ndidi N’Eli Azo Okpor Mp3