Samsung Has Proceeded On production of NAND at P3 fab


DRAM and foundry lines giving Live Later.

Samsung on Wednesday started mass production of NAND flash chips at its P3 line at its Pyeongtaek facility.

P3 is the company’s largest semiconductor production facility to date and started construction back in late 2020.

The fab is designed to manufacture NAND flash, DRAM and logic chips for Samsung’s foundry services.

The South Korean tech giant said it has also begun preparation to build its new P4 line.

When construction will begin hasn’t been decided yet but the groundworks are already being laid so that Samsung can react to market changes, the company said.

Samsung’s chip head Kyung Kye-hyun told reporters at P3 that the company will continue to invest in its facilities instead of relying on the conditions of the semiconductor market.

The CEO said the company had always stayed one generation ahead of its rivals, which allows it to save 10% in cost and reduce 10% of the sales price compared to competing products.

Kyung also said its System LSI business unit is planning to also focus on supplying its processors to the market as its latest Gen 1 4nm Exynos chips were made in time but the company was unable to supply them.

The CEO said Samsung’s SoC development team was a third in size to its competitors so it will focus on what it can do best.

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